sharp. made of salt water. not only are you getting deep cuts, you’re also getting salt rubbed into those wounds too.


Taru has been a character that has grown with me since his release. I absolutely hated him when he first dropped, I thought his looks and seemingly happy-go-lucky personality was shallow and low effort. Fatui harbinger? What a joke. ajax ajax ajax. During his boss fight; learning about his backstory and how he truly is was so important to me. I can still feel how I felt when I realized. I absolutely love characters with depth, people who are more than they seem. “As a child, Tartaglia was frightened and hesitant” Ajax who fell into the abyss, disappeared for months- that only felt like days to him- and came out as Childe.

“Don't be under any illusion as to what he might be thinking or what his intentions are. Just remember this: Behind that innocent, childlike exterior lies a finely honed instrument of war.”

“He lusts for combat and grows excited by fighting strong opponents, even if it could mean dying in the process”

“Tartaglia dedicates himself to those he cares about wholeheartedly.”

Prideful, ambitious, loyal. His straightforward nature makes him easy to manipulate, he’ll do anything to complete the tasks he’s given. He couldn’t care less if he gets hurt in the process. His foul legacy form stands out to me because not only is it superrr cool and hot but also just the way he becomes when in this form. Like I stated before, he’ll do anything and couldn’t care less about getting hurt. He can be cocky, controlling, aggressive, impulsive, I adore his personality.

“One can trust him, but one ought not get too attached. He has unusual tastes when it comes to combat — the encounters he craves the most being those that bring him closest to his own demise.”

Tartaglia shows he’s hurt when realizes he was deceived by Signora and Zhongli. As if he’s someone who wishes to be wanted. Unlike his colleagues, he attends social events, his family is high priority, he invites us to travel with him. Despite his independent nature he does wish for others. There’s still fragility in his core, he is himself. Someone love him.

“Remember, comrade, one day I will conquer the world!”


Call me foul! I love incel taru. I feel it accentuates the points of his personality I like, and in a more straightforward sense! Someone who deep down is anxious, would never raise their voice, but is also really cocky and assertive. bloodlust! bad influence! INCEL bad bad behavior!!! Animalistic about his feelings, creepy and off putting. Casual flirt but easily flustered!!! Someone who can’t admit they need another. Obsessive, possessive, impulsive. Personality and physical looks grimey but of course; still good looking. Cute glasses are a bonus! INCEL TARU

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